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Few Questions, simple, REALLY

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What wax should I use?

What oil should I use?

Is Yellow really faster?

Can someone tell me about extended warranties?

What kind of HP gains can I expect to get from filters? exhaust? headers? headers and filters?

SC or TT?

and most importantly WHEN THE HELL ARE WE GOING TO VEGAS?????????
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Opps I hadnt seen the Yellow is faster thread, my bad, besides I should know the answer, I own a yellow RT.
1 - Mothers looks damn good...
2 - Mobile 1 10W-30 (or thinner)
3 - No it's not /images/graemlins/smile.gif
4 - Call Tator..
5 - Filters = Nill, + Exhaust ~7hp + Headers ~25 overall (Gen2). No benifit from either/or combo... headers on stock exhaust gains nearly nothing, same w/ exhaust on stock manifolds. Filters are cheap insurance.. better throttle response than anything.

6 - TT.. Except no substitue /images/graemlins/smile.gif

7 - Are you buying? I'm in if you are ;)

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Can someone tell me about extended warranties?

<hr /></blockquote>

I set up a group buy last year. You may have to call Mike below to get new pricing, but he had better prices than ANYONE. I called all the guys that you could think of. With the help of a couple of members, we managed to put together a GREAT deal here. To answer some questions:
He can sell a warranty on ANY Viper up to 8 years old that DC will honor. This includes cars with extended warranties, cars under the original 3/36 and cars out of warranty. There are some mileage restrictions, but most Vipers will not have to worry about this. So here is the deal (Much better than before).
This deal is generalized, so you will have to call Mike Robbins at Ringgold Chrysler Dodge Jeep for more details (he needs your VIN etc)

His number is


All Plans Quoted Below are for a $100 deductible.

For Newer cars still under the 3/36:

Damlier Chrysler MaxCare 7 Year/50,000 Mile Plan:
Add $100 of your car is over 1 year old
Add $200 if your car is over 2 years old

For older cars the following deal was extended:

the 3/36 100 ded added care is 1850.00
the 4/48 100 ded added care is 2250.00
Please call Mike with your year make and model for possible surcharges.

Damn guys I wasnt really that serious /images/graemlins/laugh.gifHAHAHAHA, guess I forgot all the smilies /images/graemlins/smile.gif :cool: /images/graemlins/laugh.gif /images/graemlins/laugh.gif :). Oh well this will help maybe so we dont have to answer these questions repeatedly. /images/graemlins/flipa.gif
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Yeah, when is the friggin Vegas trip? NH has received 50" of snow so far this year and I NEED SOME WARM SUNSHINE!!!!!
-RUNNR said:
Yeah, when is the friggin Vegas trip? NH has received 50" of snow so far this year and I NEED SOME WARM SUNSHINE!!!!! <hr /></blockquote>

Couldn't happen to nicer people...Funny...Here in [color:"blue"]North Pole [/color] it is supposed to be 45 degrees tomorrow...Still no snow in site...Vega in Late April...I wanna take my RT!
What? Isn't the 7/70,000 power terrain warranty standard on 2001+ Dodges?
hell i hope not, i dont have one! i have the 3/36000
Yes, I just have to tell my wife it is in Idaho or such. She said if there were any events in Vegas, she wants to go!
Well when should we have the "idaho event?" It WAS planned for April. But discussions about this trip were kinda stopped at the troll arrival over at dotcom
Definetely before summer. I'll be in Europe for a while then.
Ill start a new poll on this to guage member interest then
Let's get it together. This group would be awesome to get together!
This group would be scary to get together!
-RUNNR said:
This group would be scary to get together! <hr /></blockquote>

Very scary! We'd need attorneys on stand-by. :)
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