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Pulled this off of another site.

"The Empire State Region of the Ferrari Club America once again hosted a great three day track event at Watkins Glen International Raceway. FCA members were treated to excellent weather and a vast array of Ferrari machinery (and non Ferrari machinery) including a F360GT, several 333SP's, F40 LM, Porsche 962 Turbo, several Trans Am cars, and a 500 hp 355GT in addition to the usual assortment of Challenge cars, 308/328/348/355's, TR's, 360's, 550's, and a new Maserati Coupe."

Highlight Clip including F360GT, 333SP, and F40 LM (Please be patient as it is a large file and has dubbed in Audio)
121 MB

My fastest lap of the weekend with no traffic (2:08.5)
57.5 MB

Passing a 333SP and then getting the favor returned a few corners later

Chasing an F40LM for a few laps

Struggling to keep up with a Porsche 993 Supercup car and Jeff Ipoletti's awesome F355 GT

Getting the paint peeled off my door by a F360GT and a 333SP

Short clip of a near collision with a spinning 355 Challenge in the carousel

Clip of the F360GT taking the 333SP to the 200 ft marker on the back straight (a near $2 million collision)

Chasing down a 333SP (in car) - what a sound

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I never had a chance to take a run in any ferrari. So I will not dog them out. Great track cars...wish I could afford an F50 and 360 spider.
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