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It's not real. This is where it came from:

From their site:

Aurea’s project born from the tried out experience of engineers and the creativity of fourth last-year undergraduate of the University of Florence, supported with enthusiasm by the Supervisor and Co-Supervisors. Advanced aero dynamical solutions and detailed stylistic researches on Ferrari, enriched with the precious shows of Maranello’s team, brought to the outset of this model, synthesis of functionality and design, past and present. The character of an exclusively sport car come up to its outline, born to run and win; a sport car that lights millions of hearts and push tricolour flag to the top. Once again history create emotion, drive the idea: evolution is its DNA; from ’48 barchetta it inherits the elegance of the body side; sculptured on its bonnet the triumph of F1 2002; the character of Enzo, 456, 360 Modena, come up to its outline. It’s a real Ferrari, a book of memories to deliver to the future for always more beautiful pages of an never ending myth.
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