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Feburary Contest Winner! MGW Interior Kit!

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The number of members eligible for this drawing is: 4

The winner is: -RUNNR

Congrats, -RUNNR!

Thank you to MGW for offering this great prize to our community!
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I never win anything (except a free hard time from my pals here)

I've been wanting MGW stuff since I bought my Viper, but just never got around to it (or been too cheap).

This is awesome!!!!

Thanks to George for donating the gift package! :bowdown:

And thanks to the Alley for making this possible!!! /images/graemlins/supergrin.gif
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congrats man...MGW stuff are cool. Youwill enjoy them.
Congrats -RUNNR. Post some pics of before and after install of these cool items! :cheers:
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