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Febuary \'04 Giveaway - MGW Interior Accessories Kit!

The February giveaway will be an Interior kit from MGW for your GTS, RT/10 or SRT10!

GTS/RT10: Shift knob, AC knob, cig lighter, tilt steering, ashtray, keylight
SRT10: shift knob, ac trim, radio knob, cub holder trim, keylight

More product information: and in the ViperAlley Product Reviews

Substitutions allow if you already own any of the above. Choice of finish.

I'd like to thank George for stepping up and donating this great prize for the Alley!

Criteria: All users who have over 75 posts total and have posted at least once during the month of Febuary will be eligile. Since this is a Viper specific prize, Owners who post about their car in the OWNERS section will get one additional chance to win (giving Owners get 2 chances to win instead fo one).

On March 1st - 10 names will be drawn randomly. March 2nd - 5 names from the 10. And then a winner on March 3rd.

Good luck everyone!

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Re: Febuary \'04 Giveaway - MGW Interior Accessories Kit!

Can I be randomly? :nod:
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