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Fast, but not Tooofst.

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Got my new Tooofst nitrous kit, and man what power. We have not tuned yet, the car made 534 rwhp and 624 rwtq witha 100 shot. The a/f fell off the chart rich the moment it hit. I have full exhaust and 1.7 roller rockers as mods.
here are some pics:


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I wanted to add the other pics without a link, but I can't seem to do it.
Here you go! [image][/image]
2 [image][/image]
Very cool Issac...If I may quote the "infamous" Scotty TOOOFST:

Don't say it, Spray it! :thumb:
So how much time did install take you? I wonder how hard it is to route the lines in an rt/10..
The car was here for 1 day.1/2day to fabricate kit and 1/2day to wire and install.Once installed on the TOOFAST bracket you can remove/install the kit in minutes.
This kit using NOS parts worked great for me.Issac bought everything used at the right price from me,with no guarantees.
I would suggest everyone buying new:
You'll have the newest and the first nitrous kit guaranteed for life.
Thanks viperspray, I love the new found power. I can take it off in 15 minutes if I need warranty work. The funny part is I used the spare tire to mount the bottle brackets. We drilled holes in the spare tire rim and bolted the bracket on it. I can loosen it up and twist the bottle anyway I want. I will keep you guys updated on the numbers after I tune it a little more.
TOOOFST puts together some awesome nitrous systems. His current setup on his car, with race selenoids, puts down some great numbers /images/graemlins/nana
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Lets up the ante, NX now has a dual stage in a single nozzle. The two nozzles can flow a max of 600 hp. This set up has a window switch, fuel shutoff and WOT switch. In addition, I pull out timing with the VEC2 when the N2O comes in.



Congrads on the newfound power!! Scotty TOOOFST is great Peoples :nod: :nod:, but we already knew that:nod:!! Great Job all around!!



Jay K.
thanks jay k, but I think there might more power that I have to find somehow.
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