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Factory Alarm

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On the '97 Vipers (GTS specifically), what will set off the factory alarm? Is it just connected to the door, hood and rear hatch sensors? Is there any kind of motion sensor?

Once the alarm goes off, does it also disable the ignition? Is it easily disabled?

I guess what I am asking, how good is the factory alarm at preventing theft? If the alarm is decent, can a pager or motion sensor be tied into the factory alarm?

Sorry for all the questions!
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Yes, door, hood, and rear hatch. No motion or glass-break or noise sensors. On the RT/10's, opening the trunk will not set it off.

Yes, it disables the ignition.

I have read that the factory alarm is pretty easy to defeat (there were some quickly closed & deleted threads on .morgue about it two years ago). If you were asking if it's easy to defeat the ignition cutoff *after* the alarm has been tripped, I don't know. Probably, as you'd only have to tear apart the glove box and get to the wires behind the key switch. I guess if you're stealing a Viper, you're willing to do that.

No, you can't tie other sensors or a pager into the factory system.
crappy alarm, but I don't want to upgrade due to the extra number of wires "loose" under the dash. That kind of stuff really bugs me. I like integration.
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