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F50 Videos

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Some of these are pretty big.

They are in windows media format .WMV. (11MB) fun on a reservation road (2.4MB) dashboard while accelerating (1.6MB) playing with the exhaust (5MB) more playing with the exhaust (10MB) in traffic.
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Thanks for the vids Rem. Thats one bad ass car! /images/graemlins/headbang.gif Love that exhaust note. :thumb:
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you're welcome /images/graemlins/smile.gif

And it was all under supervision and permission from the Nevada and California Highway patrol & the Governor of Nevada.

You can't see them because they were in the very front and at the back. The patrol at the back was to patch things up in case some of us got tickets by officers that were not aware of the special convoy.
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How did you get that special escort set up?
That was a charity event, supporting the officers' shop-with-a-cop organisation, & other kids charities.
Remster, cool car and Vids. By the way what is that on your nose in your avatar? Reminds me of the movie Something About Mary. You been pounding the pud?

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you're welcome MCMM. I erased the sound when the speed was being read out loud... We were all around the speed limit, err, hmmm... of our cars that is /images/graemlins/laughing.gif

Avatar: heh, I got goofy one time with the shaving cream. Well, several times, actually.

That one pic is called the Cyrano Beak. I'd like to say I did that a long long time ago, but no.
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they are doing it again, maybe as we speak... Rally is usually in mid-end of september.
But I'm sure it's all booked. Only 50 cars or so.
Hoping my crap gets in order before next year's rally. *fingers crossed*
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