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I took my 1996 RT in today for a few complaints to be checked under the extended warranty.

Quick list.
(1)The safety switch on the clutch pedal is not working properly..... sometimes it will not activate and allow the engine to start.
(2) I get a coolant smell quite often, and the coolant level has been dropping?
(3) I get a "hunting" idle sometimes... hunts between about 400 and 1000 rpms.
(4) The transmission is sometimes extremely difficult to engage first and reverse in the morning when the engine is cold.
(5) The center console speakers do not work.
(6) Need the 998 recall
(7) The side sills have corrosion from the original rivets (one side the rivets were removed and screws installed... the other side the screws were installed but the rivets left in place)

The dealer has had the Viper for two days. I got a call today..... supposedly the clutch safety switch is NOT COVERED.
The coolant system was supposedly pressure tested and OK
The hunting idle is supposedly from dirty throttle bodies... I was advised to REPLACE the K&N filters? I have 31,000 miles... and I am wondering if the dealer actually opened up the intake side if they recommend replacing K&N filters?
They found nothing wrong with the transmission.
The amp for the speakers is toast and the new amp will arrive tomorrow.

I have to pay a $100 deductible on the amp.... and I have to pay the dealer $75 for checking the items not covered under warranty.

They have nothing to offer regarding the 998 recall.... and will do nothing on the side sill corrosion?

Does this all sound "par for the course" to you guys? I have never taken a vehicle in for warranty check and been expected to pay an evaluation fee?

Just curious if anyone has any thoughts.

Thankyou, Lance

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What kind of qarranty do you have? Is it the Maximum care.

Did you read your warranty info to see if these items should be covered.

I think it is common practice for ALOT, but not all dealers to put off repairs as long as they can. However, if it is covered, which should be spelled out in your warranty papers, then I would certainly pursue it.
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