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Paint scratches, grease, and oxidation are practically inevitable aspects of owning a vehicle. As a result, the paint’s top clear coat gets damaged, which most often manifests in the form of ugly swirls that show up in harsh light. Luckily, there are a lot of products out there formulated to repair this clear coat damage, bringing back its silky-smooth shiny look.

Today we are here introducing some of them. Check out a new line of Rixxu Detail Products that includes Pre-Surface Prep, Pre-Polish, and Finishing Polish. These products are easy to use and the result is always exciting and predictable.

Watch our new video guide explaining how to use Rixxu's new products and keep your Dodge Viper in tip-top condition!

Rixxu™ - 16 oz. Pre-Surface Prep

Rixxu™ - 16 oz. Pre-Polish

Rixxu™ - 16 oz. Finishing Polish

Rixxu Detail Catalog: Rixxu™ Auto Detailing -
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