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Have you guys seen this place?
Exoticar Model Co.
They have a store near my office and have some NICE stuff. EXPENSIVE, but some NICE stuff!
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Jerome said:
Spent many a pretty penny at that place. Well not really there but thru the mail order process.

What did you go and buy now City? /images/graemlins/laughing.gif

I think I need to get you some more Ebay links. I don't remember seeing you say that you bought anything lately. /images/graemlins/supergrin.gif
You are a bad man damn near every penny I spent from December to Janurary was becaue of one of those links you posted and I havent stopped buying and now dad is making me buy my own cases see what problems you cause me. :fist: /images/graemlins/supergrin.gif
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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