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Anyone who has been interested in a formal venue to drag race our Dodge Vipers..and most importantly race against Corvettes and other possible candidates now has the opportunity to help all of us create this venue.

I have been negotiating with the National Muscle Car Assocation (NMCA)Ownership and with the help of one of my vendors, we have secured a special racing venue at the NMCA World Finals next weekend in Columbus Ohio. The NMCA is the Pinnicle of Muscle Car drag racing, they have established events throughout the year at the nations top facilities, prime time television coverage, and a long history of success through fair and honest class structure. Visit their website at

Your participation in this event....and I know its short notice, will be a key factor in establishing a Viper/Viper-Vette shootout at NMCA events beginning with their 2004 season. Take a look at the simple rules that will be in place for this first event and contact me if you are interested in participating. The NMCA is requesting an approximate participant head count for last minute advertising and television promotion. Several Corvette owners have already committed.

Here are the particulars and rules.

Event Date: September 27-28, 2003

Place: National Trail Raceway, Columbus Ohio

Venue: Viper/Vette Shootout

Entry fee: $ 75.00 for Car/Driver and as many "crew members" as can fit in your tow vehicle (normally $ 45.00 each)

Payout: Depends on the amount of cars per class. NMCA will payout 50% of all entry fees towards class winners, runner-ups, and possibly semi-finalists the day of the event.

BASIC Rules:

All participants to meet the following minimum specifications;

1. Total weight of car and driver to be at least 3400 pounds with NO ballast weight
2. Stock engine block and reciprocating assembly
3. Stock transmission, drivetrain, and rear end. Aftermarket axles allowed. Drivetrain safety equipment allowed.
4. Must have FULL interior and all convienence items operational
5. Must have registration, license, proof of insurance and be able to complete a 10 mile cruise if requested.
6. EFI only, no carburator replacements
7. Must have full exhaust exiting at factory location. No open headers
8. Must have factory installed suspension. No 4 Link, ladder bar or other aftermarket traction devices allowed.

THREE CLASSES based on the index system (classes are subject to change and revision after the first event in an effort to keep the venue as fair and inviting as possible for all participants)

12.00 Class rules

1. Must meet all of the above basic rules
2. Must use radial tire
3. Naturally aspirated only, no power adders

10.90 Class rules

1. Must meet all of the above basic rules
2. Can run ANY DOT Approved tire
3. .50 break out moves to next faster class
4. Power adders allowed

9.90 Class rules

1. Must meet all of the above basic rules
2. Can run ANY DOT Approved tire
3. NO break out applies
4. Power adders allowed

All racing will be heads up on a .500 PRO TREE

Please email or contact me with any requested information concerning this event and/or to give us an approximate head count. This is a turn-key operation that we have an opportunity to take advantage of. The NMCA promotes these events, advertises and hosts them, and is making space for us to participate in hopes that the Viper/Vette venue will further increase race fan attendance. I hope to see you there!


P.S. I am going to start soliciting the VCA for their interest and possible assistance towards this racing series venue. Any assistance that you may have would be appreciated. This is NOT my event, I have been asked to help start this as part of the opportunity that we have to take advantage of an existing and successfull racing venue. If any tuners, suppliers or vendors wish to sponsor this inagural event and subsequent events, please contact me or the NMCA event staff directly.

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Sounds like a great new venue, but alas I won't be able to attend.
I'll be working (Working for a living sucks).

I hope someone is there to represent the Viper crowd. :nod:
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