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K & N filter cleaner is caustic! Do Not Spray it on hot surfaces, painted surfaces, raw aluminum or magnesium.
How dirty is your engine and under hood area?
What I have learned in 26 tears of manufacturing car wash equipment, is not to let the engine compartment get very dirty in the first place, even on our power stroke diesels.
I have not found anything in the Viper engine bay that can be damaged by washing, or any of my other vehicles for that matter.
What I do:
I was my engine & engine compartment at the local self-service car wash. Let it cool a little with the hood open when you get there. Do your wheels & tires first. Then pre-soak the exterior of the car (bottom-up) then wash the exterior from the top down.
Pre-soak the engine compartment, then wash the engine compartment. You never need to get closer than 18", so don't.
Rinse, wax if you want to, then thoroughly cover everything with Spot Free Rinse. If this car wash does not have S.F.R., go to one that does!
Close hood, proceed to drying area.
Armor-All, your engine and compartment will love it. If you are going for the parking-lot/cruise-in shiny engine & compartment look, spray everything with it. For a more detailed look, only the black stuff, rubber, hoses, wires, panels - anything black.
There you go, one clean, detailed engine & compartment. :thumb:
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