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Engine backfiring

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My engine is backfiring upon any acceleration. I had an issue with my intake install and it led to misfires in Cyl 1,9 & 10. I got these codes cleared at Autozone but on my trip home, it was backfiring on pretty much any acceleration. I assume this is because of the unburnt fuel with the multiple misfires.

Will this subside, or is there something I need to do to fix this ? I haven't driven the car since then, as i'm worried that I could be damaging something.

Any ideas or advice ?

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step 1: Stop going to autozone for work on your 80K car
step 2: Wait for someone to post who can help solve the problem on here besides being a smartass like me.
lol....very helpful, thank you.

I didn't have Autozone do anything except clear the codes. My scanner can read them, but not clear them.

What Craig said...get it to a Viper Tech before driving it anymore.
Multiple cylinder misfiring, cylinders 1,9 and 10. It was because I didn't install the air temp sensor on the new intake.

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