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I was on my way back from dinner tonight, it's hot as hell outside still, I put the A/C on and it doesn't get very cold. Cold as hell on the way out to eat, and warm on the way back and I could smell something burning. So when I get home, pop the hood, and my positive terminal is smoking, melted the red cap right off, and you could wiggle the terminal back and forth. Anyways, I went back out there 20 minutes later, let the car run again, and no more smoke, but the A/C still won't cool?? Did the A/C have a problem, or did something go wrong with the positive terminal that led to the A/C not cooling? I know it hard to tell when you can't see the car, but I thought somebody might have some suggestions in what to look for or what to fix?? The car runs fine(99 GTS)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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