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Well, I finally got the DLM car over to West Coast Viper and ran a Dyno on it. The car had cats put in it last minute before being shipping to California because of emissions, so I was curious what the HP difference would be from the 883 RWHP it dyno'd at in Florida before it left Doug Levins shop.

Unfortunately, there were some issues between my car and the dyno and we ended up running 5 pulls with no readings, and on the 6th pull we finally got a good reading of 863 RWHP. So I am very pleased, as this is just 20 RWHP less than what it had in Florida without cats, and the engine was most likely heat soaked from all the pulls.
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Gerald said:
6 F***ing pulls??? Your motor was heatsoaked.. Looks like you really didnt' loose ANY power if you ask me. Did you get a video of it being dyno'd? Those are always pretty cool to watch..

I got the 1st 4 pulls on video, and then I quit as I got tired of running over, grabbing the camera, turning it on, etc. Besides, under WOT, it was sooooooo loud that I had to plug my ears with both hands and couldnt hold the camera (was resonating like a mofo inside the building.) Car is so fast though -- I really do want to see what it can lay down at a track. I can't make Vegas but thinking of going to our local Carlsbad track (I have never been there and yellow fever told me it was a bitch to get to it with a lowered car and best to trailer in.)
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