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Drive around of TMS - and GOOD track map?

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Does anyone out there have a write up about TMS? i.e. a turn by turn discussion of the line, etc? Or one lap of "good line" video?

I checked out their website and the track map stinks if you are trying to figure out how to run the infield road course and the "roval" (?)

ViperDays Finals is there in 2.5 weeks and I thought I would start getting some educational material for the team....

Any help would be appreciated. :cheers:
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3/4ths of the way down the page has a link to one. Those RX7's sound like busy bees! The video although it runs off the banking in the corners which I heard Viperdays were going to use the banking. Surprising that they would do this since the SCCA doesn't. Good luck there, let me know how many engines fail from oil starvation.
Janni -

I don't know of anyone who's taken the time to write anything. I might have some video though. Honestly, though, you'll have it figured out by lap 2. There's not a whole heckuva lot going on with that track other than it is a magnificent facility.

I think I'll probably stop by for a day or two to help the Schleys and Dearing.
Thanks, guys. I HATE running banked ovals / infield road courses, and I am just crewing! Hopefully it'll be easy to figure out and all will make it through unscathed.

Alan, don't expect to see any blown motors - with this being Finals, you'd hope all the "regulars" would have decent baffling intheir pans.

Brian, please stop by and say "Hi" - white GTS #93 and orange Comp Coupe #01 at our pit.
You might check with Panoz , as they run a school down there. Pretty good guys,and if they can't help contact Robt. Prevost at and said I sent you. He might be able to scrounge up some info or he may have run there before and can help.

Toll Free 877-463-7223
I havent' driven it yet, but my friends say it is a very straightforward track, very unlike the motorsport ranch in Dallas. One session should be enough to figure it out, and the lap times should all be pretty close.
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