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drag wheels

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i have some 16x11.50 et streets with about a dozen passes on them in my garage, what wheels will i need to make them for my 01 gts? where can i get them and how much are they. thanks
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Call John Purner at CCW (Complete Custom Wheel) 1-386-258-0083 I would get front skinnies from him also to make the trip down the 1/4 mile more stable.

also you will need to have your caliper machined down . the screw for brake lines are to tall in abs vipers. i tried just going with a different brake line(stopteck steel braided) because a few people said that would work. it didn't. so i had to have a machine shop machine them down. if you need them i will do a swap with you putting new pads on them.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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