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Drag Wheel/Tire Setup

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Hello to all. I'm new to the forum and would like some information on what the current hot setup is for drag wheels/tires. I have a 97 GTS and a spare set of rear wheels in both 17 and 18". What would be the best way to go for tires on the rear? Up front, are skinnies the way to go and what would be a good price on a set? Thanks

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CCW-John Purner makes a "drag pack" . i think about 2G's for all 4 corners.
Yes, John Purner at CCW is the man to talk to. Nice guy, and he knows his stuff.
His wheel/tire packages are top notch. All you have to do is bolt them on.
those bfg really grab. have seen 1.5 60 ft times on them.
ET Streets are only avalible in 16" and smaller (use purner wheels). 17" is coming but it's been on the drawing board for a year. BFG DR's are made in 17" and 18".
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