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Doors won't open while parked and engine running

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I went through the body diagnostics manual trying to find a solution for this, but no luck.

Both the driver and passenger doors won't open using the normal 'door open' latches if the engine is running, even if I'm not moving. Only the emergency door open latches work.

One other thing that doesn't work as the manual says it should, is that the door LED's go out as soon as the engine is started- the manual says they should only go off once it's moving at 10 mph or higher. Might be related?

Bad EEM?
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So then if you have no voltage it would make a difference of it is connected to the D15 pin
I'm not following, are we agreeing?
I have no voltage with Key=off, and 12V with key=run or start. My issue was that it didn't work right with the key in the run or start position, so disconnecting that pin fixed it- cause now it never gets a voltage on that input.
The fix to the doors not opening when the engine is running may be a 'fail'. After several drive/park cycles, the instrument cluster and turn signal lights began flashing. Putting the D15 pin back in stopped it. I removed the D16 pin, which is Run/Acc instead of Run/Start, but I suspect it'll still start flashing after awhile. Shoot.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts