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door adjustment

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have any of you had to have your doors adjusted? Meaning, that after a certain period of time, the doors "drag" and have to be pushed harder to close. is it body flexing, weak hinges? what? what? what? I asked three times, and still no answer.
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I had the same problem with my driver door. I adjusted it by the hinge and shaved some of the carpet which was rubbing against the inside panel now it works fine.
My doors close and line up fine.
I can't imagine that the structural points have changed, unless you have had
a wreck - but over time the mounting hardware might have slipped.
Take a good look at the doors to see if the hinges, or the latching mechanism,
is out of line - then make adjustments.
no wrecks. I'm a single owner. Hmmm....I agree with you. Maybe there's just some slippage. I've read somewhere that rt10 bodies flex more and could cause cockpit "discrepancies?" whatcha think?
Weird, I just noticed the same thing on my 99 last week. Gravity and normal stresses have apparently taken a toll. My car has never had as much as a scratch. Hindge adjustment for sure.
My doors have begun to drag on the weatherstripping near the jamb as well.
Mine drag as well. They always fix them and then they go out of alignment
I just got back from the dealership and brought it up again. The tech there said that he sees that all the time with local vipers (only a few by the way). I don't get it...surely theres a way to get these to stay right? He did say that the doors are HEAVY and hinge placement was mediocre but said that it was more of a pain in the gluteal than harmful. I've developed a great relationship with the dealership (they are directly across the street from my office-how convenient) so they shoot straight for me. My soft top came off one time (lifted) while I was driving and they just ordered me a new one. They take care of me well...get oil changed for free and serviced for free. I just send them Krispy Kreme doughnuts and pizza every once in a while. Said that GTS's doors have to be so exact. If door gets off track the windows must be adjusted as well...Gotta be a better way.
THat must be true about the windows because my windows made a clicking noise for the longest time until the door was the doors are dragging again, I guess I can expect window problems again soon.
I use loctite on the hinge attaching bolts. If your door still lines up well when it is closed, just move the door panel. Believe it or not, the interior door trim panel does and can "slip". If you have ever had one off, you know that all of the attaching points are slotted. The screws behind the speakers go into a slotted plastic piece that moves back and forth. You can loosen the panel, slide it forward just a hair and it won't drag anymore. I do see hinges that get a lot of flex to. Just open your door a little and see how far the door moves up and down when you lift on it. And make sure those bolts are tight, I see loose ones all of the time. Everytime I lube the door hinges, I check the torque on the hinge bolts.

Thanks for the input...I'll have to pass this on to my tech.

That is good information. My doors appear to have very good alignment, but still drag. I have had the outer window belt moulding replaced on both sides and I bet that's where the rub is originating.

FYI, If you can have access to a machine shop take your hinges off and have the face knereled. Haven't had to adjust mine in over a year!
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