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Does anyone have these?

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I have a set I will be selling off my car (only 250 miles) like new with K&N filters. Hennessey wants to use one of his boxes on my car. My red silicone hoses have been drilled for N20 - but new hoses can be purchase for about $15.

Let me know if you are interested.
Makaha, if Anthony has then on his car, they are a must.
Just curious if these will suck hot air from the engine bay degrading performance... I had something similar to this for my C5 but it had a plastic casing around it so only outside air would be going into the intake.
Is there a significant sound difference.
The problem with this filter arrangement is that it pulls hot air in from the radiator. I've seen back-to-back dyno runs which indicated a loss of HP versus the stock airbox.
so these no workie

Jerome, thanks for the thread. Hadn't read that one yet.
Money says those filters suck...Stick with Viper people we all know, or you are rolling the dice...
thanks for the input, but is there a sound difference, what's the difference....really.
Makaha said:
so these no workie

Jerome, thanks for the thread. Hadn't read that one yet.
Just trying to help out. Some things are just better off being purchased from the Viper vendors. Research pays off....

I sometimes think I do too much research on things. I am getting like Kelly Bundy in the one episode of married with Children where she goes on a sports facts gameshow. Al was teaching her about sports, and Bud told him about her brain, when a fact goes into her head another goes out. :bonk: That is me anymore.

Persoanlly, I prefered it when you "did too much research" over in "Pete's" area /images/graemlins/supergrin.gif
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