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Do Vipers really cook you?

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Hey. I've read a lot about Vipers and almost every journalist says that the cabins get really hot as well as a lot of the interior pieces. I've never been in one. I've had a bunch of mustangs and you could feel the heat coming in from the footwells but it was a meager price to pay for torque. What say you?
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Darkling said:
SoCal Rebell said:
XS TORQ said:
After swapping out the stock stuff for free flow cats and less restrictive mufflers, my car is not any hotter than most cars.
Yup the "flowing" exhaust definately helps, if this is you biggest concern you don't desearve a Viper, fuck off and leave immediately /images/graemlins/supergrin.gif :fist:


Whoa. It was just a question. Thanks to the rest of you who can respond to an honest question without getting pissed off :nod:
You just pissed off a whole lot of people with that comment!!!! :dumbass: :newbie:
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