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Here's a write up I did for the Hayabusa guys, so it's nearly a copy and paste. Enjoy:

OK guys, I am back from nearly a 6 hour round trip event. I don't want to spoil the video which I am hoping will be ready in the next day or so, but so many people are asking, that I thought I would give the details. BTW, I gave both of my camara tapes to Nick Slick to edit into one big movie which he said should be done by Monday.

We met up at about 10am, talked about the bikes and the car, took some photos, did the intro to the video, etc. Everybody I met was awesome! For all the smack talk that goes on here, when you meet in person, everything changes. [[this is evident by Smoke and BlownGTS]]

A few facts about me and my car:

I just got the car this week, and had only driven it 3 times ever (due to a busy work schedule this past week.) I had NEVER EVER ran the car wide open throttle through all the gears. I had opened it up through 2nd and 3rd gear the day I got the car, and on the way up to meet the guys (yesterday), I punched it in 4th on the freeway and then let off before a cop heard my car 7 miles away.

Up until this week, I have never driven a Gen II Viper before, let alone a super charged one. When I bought my GEN I viper, REDSLED gave me a ride in his and I sat in GETBIT's car while it was parked -- that is my Gen II experience. Saying I am wet behind the ears would be an understatement. This is quite a different beast from my Gen I (just ask Moundir who got a chance to drive my Gen I.) Everything in the car seems to be reversed. The guages are not in the same locations, handling is different, the braking is different, the clutch feel is WAY different, and the shifter I had in the car was small and totally different from what I was used to (missed a shift when I took Jason from West Coast Viper out in it -- again, only WOT in 2nd and 3rd gear.) I was praying I wouldn't miss any shifts during our runs later on in the day.

My car felt like it had really soft suspension and I would have liked to have tightened it up a bit, but this race was set up so fast that I didn't have time to do anything to the car. The suspension (which was installed the day before the car was shipped to me) had settled in the rear and the front of the car was 2 inches higher than the rear. This would be OK normally except that the car has a front splitter that was now pointing slightly upward, and I was concerned the splitter might give me lift instead of down force. That proved to not be an issue, at least not at the speeds we were going at.

The car had a few things that made it disadvantageous for straight line racing. One, it has a huge wing (as you have seen fromt he photos) and two, it has a huge front splitter for down force on the front. These are designed to keep the car planted on a road course track, and you would rarely see a car with these things on the 1/4 mile, as it would probably knock many seconds off their MPH. In fact, one of the riders (Danno) commented to me about how the wind coming from the front of my car was actually pushing him on his bike. In the future, I would remove the wing and the front splitter before a race of this kind. Even so, I was hoping to have enough horse power to overcome the drag from the wing and especially the front splitter -- time would tell.

My car dyno'd at 883 RWHP in Florida without Cats. When I dyno'd it here in California with cats, the dyno/car combo was not working right and after 6 pulls, a reading of 863 RWHP came up, and I left it at that. I didn't tell the guys as I wanted to try to surprise them, but damn it, Danno kept asking over and over. "What does Annihilator 1000 mean? 1000? Is that HP? Dyno wasn't working -- well what did it Dyno at in Florida? Didn't your tuner dyno it? " Somehow I blew off his questions as others were asking me questions as well and I would just answer them.

So anyway, back to the adventure -- the bikes proceed to lead me to our destination via a twisty mountain trail through the wrightwood area. Was cool to see snow still on the sides of the road. Surprisingly, the car handled well. It was a lot bouncier than I liked, but it was a pleasant twisty drive to our destination.

About 20 mins later, we stopped to fuel up, had a few gawkers, and then we proceeded a few more miles to our location. We had what I believe was about 3 miles of perfectly straigh road. We pulled over to the side, set up the safety bikes, mounted all our camera gear, etc. The weather was OK for racing, probably in the high 70's when we started, and dipping into the 80's near the last few races.

The original idea of all of this would be to see if a supercharged Viper could hang with a stock Busa while being ridden by a good rider. Up until this point, there had always been doubt as to whether any of the race videos by others were sand bagged, staged, etc. No supercharged viper had beaten a stock busa without contention by the Busa forums, so this was going to be a race between a viper forum guy and some busa forum guys to see what happens. All the MIT graduates on here threw out formulas here and there saying it would take at least 850 RWHP to beat a stock busa. My car came in BARELY over that, so it was going to be on. We were in the high desert about half a mile up, so not sure how that affects a forced induction vehicle compared to how it affects a naturally aspirated one. You guys can chime in on that if you want.

The rule was to run until somewhere between 160 and 170 at which point we would shut it down. These would be roll on races to avoid wheelies from the bikes and tire spinning by the car.

My first race would be against the only stock busa there (Danno). From what I was told, the bike was a nitrous Busa which had the bottle pulled. As far as I know, everything else was put back to stock. I didn't have any reason to doubt this, so no questions were asked. I raced the stock Busa three times. The first time was from a 45 MPH roll. The Busa pulled freaking hard at that speed and pulled slightly ahead. At somewhere around 130+ MPH or so, I think, at the top of 4th gear, I started pulling the bike back in. Shifting into 5th I pulled the busa in and passed him, and this was of course caught by my rear facing camera at which point we shut down as he was going 165 MPH and I was somewhere around 170 MPH.

We did a 2nd race with similar results.

Third race, one of the other riders (200+ pounds)got in my car and would use the rear camera to video the race. This one was a great race as it was from 80 MPH and the whole way to about 165 MPH the bike was at my door. We could have reached out the window and knocked on his helmet for a few seconds. We have great footage of this.

By this time, my car was pretty hot, and the temps out in Palmdale were getting warmer. My car was running every race, so I was getting heat soaked and I would have to imagine that my car got slower as the day went on, even though I believe my shifts were getting better throughout the day (faster.) No fans or anything out there like you would have at a 1.4 mile strip, AND we were taking it way beyond your typical 1/4 mile speeds. I could only pop the hood and let it cool off for a few mins, run it in 6th gear for about a mile or so and then stage up and get ready for the next race. The car NEVER got critically hot. I don't think it every reached the 225 temp range, and if it did, the drive back (after stopping) in 6th gear usually cooled it back down into the low 200's.

The 4th and 5th race were against Gar. His Busa was slightly modded (he can tell you what he did to it.) I know very little about Bikes, so when they start saying they have a Mapped this, and PCM here and sprockets and blah blah blah, I don't know what the hell is being talked about. Gerald would know more about this. I wasn't planning on racing a Busa with ANY modifications, as that was not what this was about. I wanted to race a bike that was out of the showroom stock. But what the hell, it was another Busa that was much less modified than the others, and he made the long trip as well. So we did a 40 MPH roll and then another one around 70 or so. Both times he would pull in front, and then at the top of 4th I *THINK* he stopped pulling me and he stayed at the same distance all the way through my 5th gear and our shut down -- his bike was fast and he dominated! I'll have to watch the video to see if my recollection on that is accurate.

The 6th race was against Nick Slick. It wasn't really a race since he was running his Nitrous Busa, but if I didn't race him, he was going to kick my ass, attack me or do something equally as bad, so I did, just for kicks. As expected, he raped my car. I would probably need 1,500 HP to keep up.

By this time, my car was done. The front STOCK brakes were cooked from the 6 times I had to stop from no less than 165 MPH each time. I wanted to stop, but the Busa guys would not let me, not until I raced the Tubo ZX12 owned by Kerry. He wanted it for his video archive I suppose. Kerry is such a nice guy that I had to run him. For fun, he would start WAY behind me and then blast by me. Sure enough that is what he did. Wasn't even funny. Then again, his bike was MADE of carbon fiber and had a bored out stroker motor displacing nearly 1400 CC's -- KARAZY FAAAAST! I think at about 180 MPH I started reeling him in. HA! Ok, not really. I shut it down at about 180 MPH as that was enough for me and he was still pulling away.

My car was done at that point. I had taken a newly shipped car that I received 5 days ago, broken it in with just 100 EASY EASY miles, and then raped the shit out of it over 6 races against some of the best riders with some of the fastest bikes I have ever seen. My car didn't skip a beat and I have to compliment Doug Levin who put this car together for me. Hell, I had tons of shit in my car too (about 75 pounds of gear in the back that was shipped with my car that I hadn't taken out yet, like some exhaust pipes, windshield wiper fluid, 5 point harnesses assemblies, etc.

We grabbed some late lunch/early dinner, watched some of the video, and then we all headed our own way.

Awesome time. I think I proved my car can hang with a stock Busa and start to reel them in once 130 MPH+ speeds are achieved. I guess another race will be in order because Danno's bike was supposed to be stock, but I was told his mapping was for Nitrous so he was running rich. Gar's bike pulled me, but his was not 100% stock. So damn it guys, we need a 100% stock bike - Ha!

And just so all know, I could have postponed this another week and removed the front splitter and wing, pulled the filter and done a few things to the car to get another 70+ HP and reduce my drag (which I think hurt me the most)-- but that wasn't what this was about. It was about whether my car, the way I drive it on the street, in the trip it is in now, would be able to do what it did.

One last thing -- it should be noted that my car was tuned in Florida where they have 93 octane gas. I had to mix some 101 octane in with my 91 octane to get that 93 octane rating, and I have a 54 gallon drum of the stuff at home (I will now throw 3 gallons in every time I fill up my tank if I am anticpating any races)

Win or lose, I feel confident in knowing that I would more than likely annihilate the average busa rider on the freeway, or any other bike for that matter. These guys I raced today were awesome riders and awesome guys in general.

There ya have it -- my side of the story. Video will be out soon and you can all see for yourself. I had a blast and would love to do it again. Give me some time to learn how to drive this thing and we'll have PART TWO soon. I learned where the car pulls hardest in these races, so I went in blind and still did pretty well I thought. I have to admit those bikes were faster than I thought they were, as I was comparing them to my CBR 929 which I know my car would eat up.

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yeah baby. Good Job Manny.... I have yet to hear one of them say "well perhaps Gerald was right and he did pull a STOCK Hayabusa with an average rider".. But nope, you'll never hear that... All that crying about a year ago with a 20+ page thread. Too Funny..

Good Job..


Well perhaps Gerald was right and he did pull a STOCK Hayabusa with an average rider.

I always love these types of things, as I somehow end up with some business angle out of it. When I went to San Antonio for the 1st V10 nat's, I met Canadian Greg, and from there we talked some shop and I ended up investing in something he told me about. I go out and race the Busa guys, and sure enough I'll be meeting up for brews with one of the guys to discuss a potential partnership (he is in a similar field.) In Vegas last time, I was going to ask High Roller to donate to the manny viper fund, but ever got the chance /images/graemlins/wink
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So Manny, which car of yours is faster? That RT is making some crazy TQ making the area under the curve pretty close I bet.


Well I am unable to use Nitrous in 2nd gear in my RT on 19 inch Pilots, as they just spin. From a 3rd gear roll and punching the nitrous, the DLM car feels faster. To be honest, I was underwhelmed with how a 300 shot of nitrous feels. I was expecting more. At about 3,000 RPM, the DLM car starts pulling, and that pull feeling (g-force) throws you back in your chair more and more as the RPM's climb. It's an awesome feeling.


I know whatcha mean. /images/graemlins/biggrin

Did you get my PM about tires?

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Here is the video if someone is interested
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