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dippin in

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Newbie here!
Just became a new viper owner!!
Always been into fast cars and owned a few of them.
I have limited driving time here in Alaska so i change cars every two seasons so i can enjoy driving to the fullest.
For a long time I have gone euro or japanese but something made me drive the viper. (could it be the aggresive sexy look ?).
I had forgotten what it was like to feel the power!!
Its been since my 69 camaro that i got in high school
that i felt like that!!. Its not just the big bad motor but the crude, utilitarian interior that says I'm here just to slam your ass into the seats!!
I'm in love and I think this one is staying with me for a while.
oh yeah, my snake is a 96 rt. It is red and i put the yellow wheels to rest in storage and put some purners on. Now Im ready to go to power school 101.
Ak is not the hot bed of vipers, help me as i go please!
:thumb: :newbie:
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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