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dippin in

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Newbie here!
Just became a new viper owner!!
Always been into fast cars and owned a few of them.
I have limited driving time here in Alaska so i change cars every two seasons so i can enjoy driving to the fullest.
For a long time I have gone euro or japanese but something made me drive the viper. (could it be the aggresive sexy look ?).
I had forgotten what it was like to feel the power!!
Its been since my 69 camaro that i got in high school
that i felt like that!!. Its not just the big bad motor but the crude, utilitarian interior that says I'm here just to slam your ass into the seats!!
I'm in love and I think this one is staying with me for a while.
oh yeah, my snake is a 96 rt. It is red and i put the yellow wheels to rest in storage and put some purners on. Now Im ready to go to power school 101.
Ak is not the hot bed of vipers, help me as i go please!
:thumb: :newbie:
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Where in Alaska are you at??????
I used to live in Fairbanks.

I knew of one that was up there.

The Dodge dealers wife drove it.
what did you do in fairbanks
went there for the first time this last summer
it was a great drive from Anc. ( about 350 miles )
it wasn't in my viper but next time it will be
didn't lower the viper after putting on the purners so I can negociate the Ak roads cuz next summer I plan to do some cruzzin
I was in the 6th ID (L) up at Ft Wainwright.

I really miss AK.

The hunting, fishing and all the inside games to be played in the sub-zero temps!!! :devil:
I left in 2000.

It snowed usually at the end of Sept or the beggining of Oct.

The temp drops really fast too.

With the temps -50 to -70, I would be out ridding my Snow Machines all over the place. Go to Fred Myers and park in the parking lot with the cars.

I love that shit.

When you see someone who is up there for the first time is so funny.

After a cold spell of -50 to -70. the temps would go up a bit and you would see people walking around in shorts and tee shirts with no jackets on. The funniest thing you will ever see.
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That is totally out of control.

I remember back in the winter of 95 it snowed 185 inches.

We had soldiers outside on the roof's of buildiongs with snow blowers.

We would go Ft Greely for Cold weather training. I can remember one winter it was close to -90 below with the wind chill.

You talk about cold.

We had to do patrols in that shit.

Build snow caves and all kinds of dumb shit.

That just sent a chill down my spine.

I guess there will be no betting on the river thawing out down at NANNA.

No snow really sucks!!!!
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1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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