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Differential $$$'s. Are these resonable?

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Differential $$$\'s. Are these resonable?

All are brand new.

alum housing drilled and tapped for coolers
posi track loc w/ 7/16 blts improved pinion

5007401 3.55:1 gear w/posi 1,295.00
5007402 3.73:1 gear w/ posi 950.00
5007403 4.10:1 gear w/posi 1,025.00

shipping included. /images/graemlins/lurk.gif
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Re: Differential $$$\'s. Are these resonable?

Are those Mopar Performance parts numbers??? (Too lazy to look them up) If so, those are good prices for sure...Go ahead and buy another cover too, so you have two complete diff's...and add TWO bottles of friction inhibitor, instead of just the one...

Can you get 3.33's or 3.45's???
Re: Differential $$$\'s. Are these resonable?

John...sent you a PM...give me a call...
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