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Damn odd size bolts - what\'s the point!

Nothing worse than to be under the car, in a cramped position, everythings
going fine - then I run into an odd size bolt. 1/2" - a little too big -
7/16 - too small - F***.
I have to crawl out - do a quick mental math - look for something in the
order of 15/32 - can't find - so I grab some metrics and by trial and error
find a match. Usually it's an odd part, that makes me think that the purpose is to match your mechanical ability with your tool selection.
Like it would really stop a determined person. Not that I don't have every
dang socket and wrench size ever made, I just feel that you should be
able to crawl under the car with 7 or 8 common wrenches without having to
crawl back out. I feel better now.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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