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Okay, folks - a few new features for you to make the site even more enjoyable.

First thing is the new Summary Page, which is the default page people see when they come to ViperAlley:

You can also access the page from the Summary option in the menu bar over the forums.

You'll notice the ShoutBox is back. If some unnamed users simply use it to call each other "***" or "gay", I'll simply disable their access to the ShoutBox all together. Being that this is the main page most vistors will see when they come to the site, I'd prefer it not be some flaming gay shit between two or three members.

Also, the Main Index page which has the "Sidebar" information on it can now be turned off in your Edit Display Preferences page in your My Alley - or click on this link:

Down 6 options is: Main Index Sidebar Display?

You can choose None, Right or Left depending on your tastes.

Hopefully these new changes will allow you to customize the Alley to best suit your tastes!
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