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I have a friend that does awesome work on helmets. You would need to ship it to me and he can do almost anything for $250.00. S&H extra.
Here are some pics of mine, which btw don't look nearly as good in the pics as they do in person. I have had this bucket at our MN VCA meeting and car shows and everyone thought it looked fantastic.

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KingViper said:
What type of helmet is a good helmet? I see some on ebay for like $50-$150...all say DOT approved. After I buy one I would send it to him for an upgrade.
I hope for your sake that you're kidding here! DON'T buy a used helmet and DON'T spend less than $250 (or so). Go with a name brand (Simpson or Bell or a few others) that have a DOT rating in this century.
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