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In their class, Joseph and John made it through a large field of cars to meet in the semi-finals. Joseph and his DLM car pulled out a win against John and then went on to beat a V8 powered Ford Ranger with huge rear tires in the final. In the semi's, there were three cars left, the Ranger had a bye run so John Finished 3rd. The class was ANYTHING goes street type car with tire limited to no better than a drag radial.
Joseph had a new best on drag radials ..... 10.44 in the HEAT/HUMIDITY. John probably drove farther to get there than ANYBODY else at the race !!!!!

ALSO....I learned that Joseph is going to be a papa !!! Congrats to Joseph and Wendy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Looks like Joesph has gotten too much training(good times in Topeka).

That is an outstanding time in the Georgia heat!

Hopefully someone got it on video for you!

Congrats to you Joesph.

Cudaman :flag:

P.S. Jdawg great job on making it into the semi-finals

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JD's car ran great in the heat. He laid down a 141 mph run against me.....bastage. lol You could have at least let me leave first. Congrats to you and Wendy and take care.

Tony it was a great turnout and worth the trip. You guys put on a great event at a good track. I will definetly be at the next one.
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