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Clutch disconnect solution

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Found a solution for our clutch disconnect issue where the plastic collar breaks. Napa sells them in 2-packs for $3. They've got a built-in flange. Don't even need the disconnect tool with these you can push them in by hand. For anyone interested:

Napa Part #: NOE 6151166
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And one of the Viper-specific sellers will sell you ONE for $60. Fuck me running!
That is nothing new with them but then they tries to justify it by saying 'support your sponsoring vendor who has and is here to supply parts and knowledge for the Viper. Without me it would impossible'.

No dude, you are here to put food on your table and could care less if it is a viper, corvette or a chevette. So no I'm not paying you a 20x markup ($50 for a $2 part).

No difference then lambo front side indicator assembly on the murcielago being a ford focus part marked with the actual Ford emblem.
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I'm pulling mine to swap in a fresh one next week too. I'm installing a remote bleeder line and bracket I'm making all from scratch because the Summit universal kit has about 2 feet more hose and 1 size larger than necessary. The bleeder will be mounted between the brake booster and the clutch reservoir using existing holes.
Wasn't there a thread on the voa about the remote bleeder someone did?

I also remember seeing one on a LS site when i serached.
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