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What happened to it Mike? That was the only thing that fixed the problem I was having way back when remember? When the # of replies to a thread would never change. And you could never tell when a new user replied to a thread. I can't remember how to explain it. All I know is you fixed it when you had the "Clear Cookies" feature. Now I'm having the same problem as before & noticed that it;s gone.

edit: It's a cache problem.

Mike how do I fix this?

Problem: The "view" feature we have on our board never resets itslef anymore for me. Example would be if a thread has...... 12 (3).......when I view that thread and refresh, it still says (3) new. It never gives me an accurate reading anymore of the new responses to threads. How do I fix this because it drives me CRAZY?
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Trey did you find where to clear the cookies? If not go to "My Alley" and look at the bottom left of the page, you will see it there.

Example- Contact Us | Privacy statement | My Cookies

You're welcome

Hope it works for you :nod:

I thought it was only at "My Alley" :bonk:

Thanks for pointing that out...

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