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Today I decided to work on my GEN III and ended up also working on my GEN II. I figured I;d change my plugs on the GEN III and clean the K&N and then also clean the K&N's on the GEN II since my cleaning stuff was out. I left the TB tubes on and separated the box with the little locking tabs top and bottom and the 3 plastic heads long bolts. I was going to separate the assembly, take the filters out, clean them and then put them back in.

For whatever reason I grabbed the front housing and filters, leaving only the clear air box side bolted to the throttle body covers. Well the reason for this post is I am glad I grabbed the dirty side of the box and the filters. Sure, my two filters were dirty, I banged them out, then brushed them with a coarse brush lightly, hit them with some K&N cleaner, let it sit and washed them out. I over oiled them last time and too much oil came out showed me the error of over oiling. So that is point #1, but a minor one.

The main reason I posted this was the housing itself should always come off and get cleaned. My sucked from when I had the factory valve cover venting into the box before I installed my catch can. it was just nasty-especially because the blown cars venting there have a lot more crankcase pressure and such. As I washed it I saw oil from before my catch can install, dirt and anyhow why I am posting to always get that damn housing off too in the front to clean while changing or cleaning your air filters.

It felt good working on my cars, but I am REALLY blessed with two VERY reliable Vipers. Sure I hammer them now and then, but I always take good care of them. I worked so damn slow today like I was 60 years old-I'm embarrassed at how long it took to do some of the most mundane things, but I am picky on my car's condition so I don't set wrenches on labels and such but truth is I think I am just getting old.
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