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The following is the tentative Breakdown for the Different classes.

Stock Gen 1 Gen 2:
Bone stock, Street Radia Tires, Only Mods allowed are Filters and Smooth Tubes

SRT10 Class: Any SRT10

MOD 1:
ANy "Bolt On" Mods. Street Radial Tires Only. No Power adders allowed or Headwork or cams.

Mod 2: (power Adder 1)
All goes with exception of only one power adder is allowed. Slicks Allowed (No Previous 9 second car's allowed in this class)

Mod 3: (Power Adder 2)or (Proven 9 second Cars)
Blower/NOS Dual Stage NOS or Direct Port Turbo/NOS

Anything Goes VIper VIN Number and Motor required.

All participants will recieve a special Gift.

Special Awards: Low ET, High Trap Speed, Best Reaction Time, Best 60'time

Top Tuner Award: Best represented Tuner and Most Wins!

Top Three places of all classes will recieve a Trophy.

This Event is Sponsored in Part By the following Tuner and Vendors:

Parts Rack
Great Brakes
Elite Motorsports
Heffner performance
Doug Levin Motorsports

We are waiting for other sponsors to come on board. Tuners and Vendors Please help support your customers and potential customers.

Registration form:

1st annual V-10 Power Nationals. VIPER Championship Drag Racing!
Beechbend Raceway - Bowling Green, KY

Date May 2nd - 3rd.
Friday may 2nd will be a test and tune Track Day 8-4.
Saturday May3rd will be Race Day. Qualifying Begins at 9 am
Mail Checks payable to: V-10 Power Nationals To:
C/O David Boggs
P.O Box 220
Hillview, Ky 40129
Entry Fee: $150.00 If Pre-registered By April 15th
$200.00 At the Gate.
Entry Fee includes T-shirt

We will have a profesional Video Crew to Capture the event. A fully edited DVD or Vhs will be available for purchase.

Name_________________________ Date______________

Street Address _____________________________________

City____________________ STATE_______ ZIP_________

Phone Number__________________________


VIPER Description:

Year_________ Model__________ Estimated HP_________


Class Entry: (Circle One)

Stock Gen 1 Gen 2

SRT10 Class



Mod 3


The organizers of this Event is no Liable for any accidents that might occur. This is a Dangerous activity and you should participate at your own risk.

Signature ___________________________

If any questions plese call or email me at 502-376-1484/ [email protected]

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I was just told that their is a good chance that RSI will be their with some cars.
Now for TNT, not a chance. They would not and can no longer place in a top Ten let alone come close to a win or a record. I am so sure that Nickless will not show I am willing to put money on it. The Noballs Tuner (TNT)
The new home of the motorless vipers, TNT
Where your vin number is always in question
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