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Cincinnati Viper Death

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A local Viper owner ( Steven Olrich - not 100% sure ) died in a accident late last night in Colerain Township. Driver lost control, bounced around, and hit a tree. Neither of the two were wearing seatbelts. One is dead, the other seriously injured.
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That is no good. I hope the one that lived makes it!!
Apparently it wasn't even the owner who died. I heard it was the person he let drive.
Sorry to hear the news, but why would anyone in a Viper not be wearing their seatbelt? Sounds like 2 people abused the right to be stupid one too many times. Darwin award time. Sad all the way around.
SUN - nobody wants to really look at what ACTUALLY happened. It just happened, and it's a sad time. HOWEVER, they were not wearing their belts. ( STUPID thing #1 ) Then it's never a good idea to really " let drive " a non experienced driver. ( stupid thing #2 ) For the damage to the car and tree, they were most likely not going the limit. ( stupid thing #3 )
Friends don't let friends who are inexperienced with high performance cars drive their Viper.
Here's the thread at the VCA. More info here.
Very sad. I posted about this in anything goes as well. /images/graemlins/sad
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sad. thats why i quit letting people take my bucket for a spin especially now that its a powerplant. plus, no seatbelts...ouch. i agree its a right but in a car like a viper, it is the law of common sense. i hope the one dude makes it. these cars always continue to remind us that they can bite our asses if we're not careful, its a beast to drive and even more challenging to control
Last year a guy driving a Viper RT-10 that he was driving for the first time (test drive before buying) picked up his best friend and was going way too fast and a deer jumped out and the driver swerved to miss the deer and ended up flipping the Viper end over end several times. The passenger was killed and the driver (not wearing a seat belt) was thrown clear, but still was in critical condition. The cousin of the dead passenger is a high school student and I had her in one of my classes last week and she hates Vipers even though she knows it wasn't the car - it was the driver that killed her uncle.

Once again - inexperienced driver + no seat belt + driving way too fast = totalled Viper + severely injured driver + dead passenger.
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