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who: everyone is invited, bring your friends with or without cars

what: dyno and hang out with car people day... lol


when: Saturday, Jan 8th at 10am

why: cuz there will be a ton of badass cars and you all can watch my 03 Cobra blow the fuck up. Here is the combo I am dynoing...

2003 Cobra vert.

.020, cp pistons, jdm stage 3 cams, 2.4 kenne bell blower with 20+psi boost, NX 75 shot, headers, full exhaust, fuel system, etc etc... 800rwhp hopefull

the car is being tuned as we speak and delivered from cincinnati on monday-tuesday.

Everyone is invited, many supra's, vipers, porsches, nsx's cobras, f bodies, etc etc were all invited. If the weather holds up, it should be a good time! Plus it is convienently located near I88 for some fun

for a list of people who are coming, see this link!

if you want to dyno, let me know and I will try to squeeze u in!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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