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Just noticed my Check Engine light comes on when I start up my Durango. Checked the oil, no problem. All gauges are fine - no overheating, full tank of gas, oil pressure fine. What else would trip the CE light?

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It could seriously be ANYTHING. I have been doing this exact job all summer long, and I have seen it for TONS of things. Hell, the new Lincolns will set a CEL if you start your engine with the gas tank not properly shut all the way. By what you are saying, it prolly isnt anything major.

Most common CEL's were:

IAC motors
PVC valves
DPFE sensors
mostly emmision type stuff.

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You can find one of those basic OBD-II code-readers online for only about $20, and there are lots of websites that list the model-specific codes. Normally the code-reader manual lists the standard OBD-II codes. I think has a list of Chrysler codes.

I don't think any of the newer Chryslers have the key-clicking thing to check the codes without a reader. They must have figured out John Q. Public was on to their big secret...
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