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Check Engine: \"Engine Coolant Remp -40 degrees\"...WTF?

OK, there must be a bad coolant sensor or connection somewhere....anybody know what to look for in this case? This is what the scantool came back with...

FYI - I have the ROE autofan kit. I didnt put it on (came with car) so not sure what it "spliced into". Dont know if this info is pertinant...

Also, The sensor located under the drivers-side throttle body, where the radiator coolant hose exits the engineblock is held on by a large twisty tiestrap (or whatever you call them). There is a wire making contact to this sensor, and being held there with the strap. Looks like it may have been broken in the past, or this is a mod for the Roe kit....dunno.

Anyone run into this situation, where the computer is getting back a voltage telling it that the coolant is negative 40 degrees??? Its making me run rich, and messing with my idle.

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