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Anyone have any experience with ceramic brakes? Any feedback on the value? Are they supposed to improve performance or is this upgrade primarily weight savings driven?


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I had ceramic pads on my last Corvette. The good side is that they don't squeal or dust nearly as much as regular semi-metallic pads, and they don't fade as much when heated up. The only downside is that they aren't quite as grippy when cold.

I've been equally happy with my EBC greens (front) and reds (rear) for the same benefits, but they are cheaper.

The full carbon-ceramic rotors and pads on Ferraris and Porsches are great from a performance and technical aspect. But they cost WAY too much.

It's interesting that the $$$ Ferrari Enzo, with it's super brakes was not as good in braking as the SRT-10 Viper.
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