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Caster/Camber gauge

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What kind of adapter do I need to go with the Longacre Caster/Camber gauge?

These are what Longacre has...
Wide 5 Spindle Adapter - 1 13/16" - 16
Factory GM Adapter - 3/4" - 20
Big Ford Adapter - 13/16" - 20
Ford Pinto Adapter - 3/4" - 16
Stock Car Products (SCP) Adapter - 27/32" - 20
Magnetic Adapter
Dunlop Style Adapter
Steel - Blank Adapter - .625 hole
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I'd definitely go with the magnetic adapter. You should get in touch with Rick Maxwell, Larry Macedo, one of the Archers, etc and see if they have any specific recommendations.

Also check out Racer Parts Wholesale for these similar products: Rebco

Smart Camber

I use Smart Camber myself. :thumb:

You can't set caster without *turn plates* unless you use the Viper Service Tools from Dodge.
In some cases, but not usually.
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