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One of the Viper stock cams ran 0.552" lift if I recall - that's probably the 708 without checking. That's a good lift for a street car.

To answer your question more specifically - no - most tuners will not run a hot roller cam comparable to what the modern hot street/strip V8's CAN run - because the Viper uses Hydraulic Roller lifters, and most owners won't make the trade off by ditching those in favor of solid roller lifters.

A hydraulic roller is better than the average hydraulic cam - but will not match a fast action solid flat tappet cam let alone a solid roller for outright performance. Cams like the Ultradyne and Hughes Engines max velocity grinds are not possible on hydraulic roller lifters as the lifters won't stand up to the ramps and spring pressure for long enough to make it worthwhile.

I have experimented with different custom grinds over the years of my own creation - utilising the 0.904" lifter bore capacity of the Mopar lifter. I can tell you not one a 100 mopar engine builders get even close to what is available to them.... so there is power there - at a trade off in wear. There are some modern lubricants that greatly extend that life to what it used to be however.

If you run solid roller lifters you will be able to gain power everywhere by using a much faster ramp... the trade off will be higher spring pressures, more wear on the valvetrain and a shorter life for springs and lifters in particular. Solid roller lifters may only last 10,000 miles on a street setup - check with Comp Cams - they make some of the best gear in this department.

I will be running a solid roller in my twin turbo car Viper project - but I'll expect to replace lifters and other sundry parts every couple of years as part of the deal. If that kind of cost is a problem - stick to the hyd rollers.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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