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Camshaft Recommendation?

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Anyone here have a specific manufacturer and part number recommendation for a replacement camshaft?

I use my Viper mostly for daily driving, and I enjoy all the low end torque. Any suggestions are appreciated!

Thanks, Lance
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Ok someone - help Lance out - Bill ?- JH?
He needs a cam to go with his new heads.
If you want an all around motor or nitrous cam you can go with a 230/230. it will make around 540 RWHP with a Gen 2 all day long. PM me for more details, it really depends what you are looking to do with the car.
My apologies... I should have specified it is a Gen I... 1996 RT.

Usage is mostly daily driving.. I am not going to use nitrous.

Thanks, Lance
I've heard VJ knows his cams - I even bet he could snag you a deal
on the right cam for your setup??
I woould suggest calling Crower cams, Dave Crower is the guy to talk to there. He's very knowledgable and I'm sure he will grind you something good.
Bringing up an old thread..... but my Arrow rebuild is complete and the engine now has about 2,500 miles on it.

The heads and rockers are now in.... I want to install them on my Gen I RT. So I am back to the cam shaft question.

My planned use is daily driving (this is my daily driver)...... and track. I had my first day at Sebring back in September.... and I loved it... I intend to track as much as I can... but probably 5-6 times per year?

Mods thus far....... K&Ns and smooth tubes...... Corsa 3"..... cats... (well we won't need to talk about those... situation handled there). Future mods... heads... T&D Rockers..... and headers........ cam..(hence this question).

So give me your thoughts..... words of wisdom..... wisecracks (of course are expected).

Also, try giving CAM MOTION a call. They do nothing but custom grind cams, and they know their shiet!
I would not do a cam until I had the heads and everything else done. You will have to know everything else to get the right grind on the cam.
bump I am looking to add a cam as well anyone with more info. thanks
CQMaster is 100%, the cam selection is done AFTER you know what the rest of the combo is, or else the motor will be all messed up and you might then look like a :dumbass: when in reality you want to look /images/graemlins/headbang.gif so it is always better to ask for :help: before hand. Good luck on getting the right cam, but what exact mods are really key, and head work can mean from mild to wild and in between, so I think more of an exact quantifiable explanation is desired. Off the /images/graemlins/soapbox.gif now
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I took a lot of courses in Wharton before I decided to go to Med School. I liked Philly.
Sorry about the change in subject FDB.
The gen I engines have a lame cam, built for torque. These engines often make more torque than a stock genII during dyno day, but lose out bad with the horsepower.
If you want to swap to a mild cam with the stock heads, GO FOR IT! It may not be the best bang for the buck but you will enjoy your Viper more. You can use the stock '97-'99 cam for about 20hp, or go with a mild 224/224 Comp cam for maybe 25-30hp. Don't do the 230/230 until you're ready for the heads. I've made that mistake too many times in the past.
For more all around performance, it is better to go a little large on the heads and a little small on the cam than vice versa. It is for this reason that people will tell you to do the heads first, because they'll still work well with the stock cam.
You may want to consider 1.7 roller rockers instead. Much easier to install and still worth 15hp IMHO.
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