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Buying a Lightning

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I am thinking about buying a Lightning. Took one for a ride a few weeks ago and although it was a really nice truck I was a little dissapointed in the performance. Of course I was going from my Z06 into the truck so I guess it should be expected. I guess I have to take into consideration it was a 4000+ lb truck. With that in mind it ran and rode awesome. They started out with "We don't discount SVT vehicles" and within 5 minutes they were down to 500 over invoice. I waited a few weeks and called last night and they agreed to 100 over invoice and I know they would go invoice in a heartbeat once I am there 30,300 with bed liner and toinneau cover on an 03. Somebody offered me the X-Plan which I took them up on which puts me under invoice so I might as well go for the 04 now. Any L owners here? You thoughts, good, bad, what mods etc...
If you have one post a pic of it...
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Lightnings have two major problems.

1. They like to spit the spark plugs out of the heads, taking the threads with them.

2. Apparently there was some sort of problem in the engine assembly plant, because I've heard of a number of cases in which the Main bolts have actually backed out and fallen into the oil pan.

Aside from that, I'm sure they're great trucks. :thumb:
A buddy of mine has one and loves it
Its pretty damn quick considering its a truck
What about the new SRT-10 Dodge Truck??
Is that coming soon?
wait for the new body style one, 500hp and cost will be close.

the new heads have about 2.5 times the thread for the plugs
I would go with the SRT-10 over the lightning.
they are both pretty cool but as it stands right now I like the dodge.
Also If you are looking to do some performance mods the dodge is going to have some awsome potential. I can't wait to see the times on the SRT-10's that are supercharged or turboed.

S R T - 10
I think the lightning is a lot less $$ no? I thought they were mid 30's and the SRT-10 will be mid 40's from what I've been told.

The lightning is a nice truck - I think if I needed a light duty truck, I would consider it. There are guys at our track with lightly modded ones giving the hurt to C5's!
One of my friends has a 00 lightning. It puts down 405rwhp and 550rwtq. Running the stock blower with a 4lb pulley and full exhaust.
I have an '01 and love it...she's my daily driver/"beater".

With about $3K in mods she's spitting out just under 400rwhp / 500ftlb.

Nothing beats destroying BMWs and C5s in it, let me tell ya. Most guys have no idea what just happened when you wind that fucker up. /images/graemlins/smile.gif

PM me if you have questions, etc and I'll see if I can help ya.

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mattl said:
wait for the new body style one, 500hp and cost will be close.

the new heads have about 2.5 times the thread for the plugs
Current rumblings is that the new L could be out in late '05 as an '06 model...maybe sooner but that's the current best guess.

So you have plenty of time agent to get a GenII and enjoy the hell out of it before trading up on an '06 later. /images/graemlins/smile.gif
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I picked it up for about 30g (a little under invoice, x plan). I would love to get the 500hp version but didn't want to wait and I hear they will be in the 40 range. The SRT is nice too but more than I want to spend and I need an automatic so the wife can drive it. JDM which is close to me has 3 packages, stage 1, 2 and 3 which are about 1000, 2000 and 3000 which advertise an .5 drop in et with each package. Dropping 1.5 seconds off the et for 3 g's is not bad probably putting it in the high 11/low 12 range especially for a 4000+ lb truck.
:thumb: now pics! what color?
I have a bunch of JDM stuff - good guys. They'll treat ya right (and if they are close, all the better!)

They have some built 10 second Lightnings out on the streets.... /images/graemlins/supergrin.gif /images/graemlins/supergrin.gif

(mines pretty slow at mid 12s)
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I prefer the style of the current curvy Lightning to the pics of the upcoming '05-'06 more squared-off model. The Lightnings are surprising to see at the dragstrip for me because they are so relatively quiet. The modded Mustangs and Firebirds roar with a booming exhaust loud enough to loosen your fillings, and then some Lightning beats the raw hotrods zooming past with barely a chirp and a whoosh.

I'm surprised to see them launch so well with the heavy engine up front and an empty truck bed in back. You would think that they would have more traction problems.

As far as the SRT-Ram goes, I'll have to see what they look like (and cost) in real life before I pass judgement. But they WILL be a seriously fast truck.
Pick it up Saturday. Silver, I'll post pics and eventually time slips once I get it. Unfortunately, this pushes the Viper back a little bit but now we will actually have a second car so the vette (soon to be viper) will truly be just a weekend car
Nice hood nexus, is it carbon fiber/lighter and functional? What is some good L sites/vendors?
It's actually a touch heavier than the stocker (which is aluminum - this is fiberglass).

I had hail damage early in the year and when we replaced the hood I went for something a little cooler looking. /images/graemlins/smile.gif Proven to add not a goddamn thing but looks so much better imo...

Enjoy your L and get the following done stat!

- 4lb pulley + chip
- long tube headers + high flow cats
- bassani catback
- boost bypass
- cold air intake (not a ton of gain here but doesn't hurt)
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Here she is...
And another...
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