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I purchased a Nitrous Wet Kit system from another forum member to put on my Viper, but I ended up buying another Viper that already has NOS, so no need for this one. It is still in the box that it was shipped to me in. Today I unpacked everything for the 1st time so I could take a photo of it and post it here. I paid $1,500 plus shipping. I would like to pass this great deal on to somebody else. It's less than half the price of buying everything new.

Here is what it consists of and the price if new:

btr nitrous gas propane kit $2490.00
nx remote opener $219.00
nos remote opener $199.00
extra bottle heater 149.00
propane pressure gauge kit $200
6an nx insulated line $100
total price = $3357 (not including another $100 in jets)

anyone intereted in 655rwhp and 905 rwtq ??

Here are some photos:

[image] out.JPG[/image]

[image] out-car.JPG[/image]

Please note that I have never installed the system, so I can't really tell you too much about it other than what is already posted at the BTR web site. Again, I bought another car that already has N2O and am selling the one I was going to put this on, so I am no longer going to use this.

Price is firm. I'll hold it at the price until it sells one day. Great deal guys, or I wouldn't have bought it myself.

PM me if you want it or email me at mcoats(at)gigatechsoftware(dot)(com)


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No, I want to sell the whole kit together and be done with it.

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Give me a call, I may have a home for this kit.

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