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I bought the kit but then I got oreders and needed to buy a house so I have to sell some things. Here is BTR Vipers Premium N20 Propane Gas Injection kit with N20 Progessive Launcher. The launcher is a cool little touch screen and the kit is suppose to be safe on our engines because of the propane and extra fuel added.

Launcher Link
Nos, NOS Nitrous Controller - Launch Box, Hot Rod article, Performance article

TWO STAGE-NOS-Gasoline-Propane…For gains up to 300+ Rear Wheel Horsepower and 500+ Rear Wheel Torque - $ 2,990.00

For the Connoisseur. Our newest combination of power that when installed is unmatched in power and torque by ANY product for your Viper at ANY price! Bolt this on your stock Viper for incredible gains with NO ill effects as air fuel ratios with the gas-propane combination are very conservative, compression is not increased, cylinder temperature and pressures are far lower than those of other forced induction type power adders and the price for dollars gained is second to none in our industry. This kit includes all of the features of our Nitrous-Gasoline-Propane kit plus; Dual Soft Flume Fogger injectors, dual solenoids, dual braided feed lines, required electrical connections, second stage activation and more.

BTR Viper Performance Nitrous Systems

It has everything you need including Bottles, 2xbottle warmers, guages, hoses, seloniods, wires, everything ya need. Any questions just ask.

910 330 0118


I paid 1000 for the launcher and 3000 for the kit. I will sell for 2800 obo!!


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