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Browse for Attachment...

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MP, we need this feature in Babes.
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There are no attachments in Babes... only links...
packetjunkie said:
There are no attachments in Babes... only links...
That's my point.

We need to be able to post attachments in Babes. Please.
It's allowed in the Site Supporters area where people who contribute to the hosting fees can upload images; but not in the Babes section.

I'm considering adding a Image Gallery for site supporters as well so they can upload images into a gallery; but that would also be limited to site supporters.
Not trying to be a pain, but it appears that the "browse for attachment" feature is in EVERY forum EXCEPT Babes - it's not just in site supporter forums.

What am I missing here?
That's right. If you read the sticky at the top of the forum, it will explain it. (If memory serves).
"This section is for Babe Picture posting. Photos must conform to the guidelines below. You can upload images using the Attachment feature or link to images offsite."

That's what it says. But no "Attachment feature" is available in that forum.
I agree, this feature would be nice.
I just tried to post some relatively small pics (640 X 480 or < 250 KB) and I now see that 80 KB is the maximum size allowed.

I used to be able to "Browse for Attachment" 640 X 480s all day. What happened?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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