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O/K, don't get all upset. I am a new member who happens to be a lifelong Chevrolet owner. I am also a fan of the old MoPar Muscle cars, etc.

I have had Vettes, 66 & 70 LT1, but may be a Viper owner one day, but at least like to stay in contact with what is going on.

I will say this. I like what GM did with the Z06 Vette, but they do disappoint me. I am one BowTie fan that will admit that when you cut through all of the non-sense arguments, any serious car person knows the Baddest Car on the street is the Viper. I give credit to Chrysler for having the balls to build an all out killer king of the street. I am at a loss as to why GM does not accept the challange and build a real Vette, the competition would be good.

Also, the new Viper has addressed a lot of issues from the early models and put together a true all around muscle car. The Vette is very good and used to be the best all around car, IMHO, but has fallen behind the Viper in brakes and handling. Maybe the new C6 will be worthy of the Vette history.


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CAP said:
Well, your first post starts you off on the right foot. We have some other Vette guys here and a bunch of us are either former or current Vette owners.
So, welcome. :cheers:
With hubris in check you may actually make some friend here! :thumb:

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Heck, the SRT-10 is a pretty minor incremental increase, and they apparently plan to stick with it for quite awhile (assuming ze Germanz don't axe it completely). It wouldn't even be hard for GM to produce a Viper killer. It certainly wouldn't be hard to produce something that looks better than the SRT-10.

Of course, Gen II's would still have the superior 'tang factor. /images/graemlins/smile.gif
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