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Bolt-on Mods

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Is there any other bolt on mods i can install other then smooth tubes and the filters to enhance my performance? :screwy:
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Dude...Who are you and where are you're killing me!!! /images/graemlins/laughing.gif

Two words: Nitrous Oxide
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Is this a real question? Answer geralds question first and then we'll get back to you.
What do you mean is this a real question?
Of course it is
Why would i be wasting my time and your time if it wasnt???



There, i changed my Signature and deatils

Start with 3" exhaust - and either high flow cats or remove cats,
Headers, T&D 1.7 rockers,
When you've completed that - ask again.
Yes there are several other mods that you can do![image][/image]
Give me the car for a few days and I will hook you up with some mods Mike. :nod:

You can do the 3" exhaust. Any system will do, its just a preference of sound. I think most use the Corsa by far. While you are doing that mod you may want to do the high flow cats (or cat delete, but then you will need Cat Sims for the rear O2's) and headers. For headers you need to decide at what point you plan on modding your car.. (do you want to do a supercharger or heads/cam car at some point) that will determine whether you need the 1 7/8" primaries or not. Then do the T&D rockers. After you do that, if you are happy and want to stop modding,FIND (they dont make them anymore) a mopar performance ECU. If you want to keep going open up the wallet and shake.
Roe Racing VEC...
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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