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The STi is still so new, not too many people have mod'd them. In a few years, stock vipers(aka me) need to look out. I have a buddy that's got one and he's putting down 500 awhp(???) and close to the same number in tq. In the hands of the right person, a bpu STi will beat a stock viper.
Assuming by BPU you mean (Basic Performance Upgade), I have to disagree. For an STI to beat a Viper it will need some serious mods. They only run a little over 100 MPH in the 1/4 stock. I would say to get a STI to pull 120 MPH in the 1/4 your talking different turbos, everything strengthened (clutch, gearbox, engine internals, etc...), and a few other things..... Then of course the reliability goes to shit when your pushing mega-boost. Of course, the aftermarket webpages will claim numbers they can't get to sell parts, but that is expected. Remember, the speed in the 1/4 shows the true potential in a street race (usually roll ons). The STI are geared very aggressively to 90 - 100MPH, but then have very little power. When I test drove one, 100-120 took forever. But it was pretty quick to 80-90 MPH. Don't get me wrong, great car for the $$$, but no contest against a Viper (Unless HEAVILY modified).
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